18 December 2023

2023 Perking up Christmas

by Martin Dean

Power NI Perks is Power NI’s customer rewards scheme that offers discounts, savings and cashback on 100s of brands on the high street and online.

Power NI wanted to promote over the Christmas period not only the discounts they offer, but also the other benefits of Perks with Christmas guides and hints and tips. In order to create meaningful change we needed to create a Christmas themed key image that could communicate all of this throughout a range of touchpoints and use brand elements that would increase brand equity.

Perks has 100s brands and the opportunity existed to enhance and contribute to the rewards scheme, its perception and the overall character of Power NI.

We wanted to strengthen the brand by using elements from the Power NI brand identity. Our starting point was the burst of energy symbol from the logo. This immediately lent itself to being used as a Christmas wreath  — from the original sketch, into concept illustration and finally as a 3D rendered wreath with felt texture.

We developed warm and friendly messaging that tied into Power NI’s positioning and the spirit of Christmas. And adapted the key visual to work across multiple formats.