Designed to design change

Founded in 2012 by Simon Richards and Celine Dee, RichardsDee is an international brand and design agency. The agency was built on a core belief; that design has the power to inspire positive change in businesses, brands and the world in which we live. Design that is purposeful and driven by insight inspires employees, changes perceptions and motivates customers.

This belief has held true over the past five years where we continue to see the positive impacts our work has on the world around us.

We call this Designing Meaningful Change. And we do it daily for local and global brands.

Our beliefs

We are ambitious

For clients, for brands, for ourselves, for the world.

We design for purpose

Great ideas change the world, positively affecting human behaviour. We create with meaning.

We are curious and connected

We stay one step ahead, take initiative, challenge, grow together. Our experiences of the world inform our work.

We bring positive energy

It’s what makes the difference to the projects and the people we work with. We enjoy what we do, it shows, and it is infectious.

We live life

We work hard, but believe in balance. We produce great work when we are healthy, happy, sociable, inspired.

We are all for one

Collaboration, honesty, partnership and teamwork is central to our approach.

What we do

Brands who recognise the power of design work with us. Our ideas are underpinned by best thinking, world class tools and our ability to align the most diverse stakeholders behind common goals.

Our methodology establishes the principles to build strong brands, guide brand decisions, change perceptions and grow value.

Our creativity delivers brand experiences that build reputation and relevance. The agency brings insight, creativity and energy to our core areas of brand strategy, brand identity and brand experience.

Our international team have proven global brand experience and include strategists, designers, project managers and problem solvers.

Brand Strategy

We clarify purpose to guide brand decisions and shape perceptions.

Research & Insights

Brand Positioning

Brand FutureWorld™

Brand Architecture

Brand Identity

We create and manage brand identities that are distinctive and grow value.


Brand Identity

Visual Language

Brand Guidelines

Asset Management

Brand Experience

We deliver brand experiences that build reputation and relevance.

Marketing Communications

Internal Communications


Retail & Brand Environments

Wayfinding & Signage

Our work results in results