5 November 2014

Animals and Tech Brands – a match made in heaven for your startups

by Amanda Smith

Need an identity for your new tech start-up? Look to the animal kingdom for inspiration…

You have your killer idea; tested and refined to within an inch of its life, your business plan has been honed to perfection, but have you defined how you are going present yourself in an engaging and compelling way to your future customers? Have you considered your brand identity? Whilst startups face some unique challenges, the task of winning customers is still a process that starts with creating a compelling brand.

In start-up mode, your brand identity needs to work hard; it needs to capture attention, resonate with key stakeholders and communicate what makes you different. Not an easy task in a crowded marketplace. But here’s where looking to the animal kingdom for inspiration could help.

Consider some of the (now) biggest players in the digital space; from Firefox and Twitter to MailChimp and TripAdvisor, all hi-tech brands who exist only in an online environment and who all rely on animal symbolism to define their brand identity.



Or grounded in a deeper truth, that as humans, we are hard-wired to respond to animals – whether that response is flight, fight or just “aww, how cute”.

One of the challenges with technology branding is that the brands operate in a space that is removed and impersonal. It can therefore be difficult for them to form a connection with their audience and make that all-important impression, which is essential to driving preference and fueling buying decisions.

Animals in tech add warmth and personality to an otherwise sterile brand – they allow the brand to add a human element and create an emotional connection that could otherwise be difficult to forge.

Animals are also associated with certain traits such as knowledge, speed and loyalty. In this respect, choosing the right animal can help the brand magnify that trait without investing heavily in above the line communications to get the same message across.

Of course, this is nothing new in the design world; many of the world’s top brands have been using animal symbolism to give consumers an idea about the product or company for decades. Car companies frequently use animals such as horses and fast cats, symbolising speed and agility. But what seems to be new is the way in which the booming tech industry is embracing animals to counteract the perception of an industry often defined by zeros and ones.

But let’s face it; given the choice between an abstract shape and a fluffy puppy, which one would grab your attention? Done correctly puppies are hard to ignore!

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