Clever Bug  

Targeting a $20bn Global Market

The global online print and design market is worth over $20billion.

The global online print and design market is worth over $20billion.

Cleverbug; one of the hottest companies in the Dublin startup economy, are on a mission to carve themselves a slice. RichardsDee were appointed to develop a name, brand identity and communications strategy to support the brand in acquiring Series A funding.

Finding a name that can be trademarked internationally and our commitment to avoiding made-up, meaningless names and abstract combinations of letters meant this project was going to prove quite challenging.

Our unique brand naming process delivered the ‘Cleverbug’ for this innovative Dublin Startup.

We then created a striking brand identity – and added ‘Designed, Printed, Delivered’ to the communications capsule. Cleverbug launched in 2012 offering micro-business the opportunity to go online to design, print and have their marketing materials delivered to their door within 24 hours. Our identity would carry beyond being a Dublin startup and into global markets.

Two years later Cleverbug extended the brand into CleverCards, a greeting card app that has a footprint in over 100 countries all over the globe. “Richards Dee’s positive attitude, passion and high energy make them a great addition to any brand and communications programme”, says Kealan Lennon, the founder of K Partners who brought this breakthrough Dublin startup to a global market.

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