20 April 2020

Designing Meaningful Change Together

by Celine Dee

Creatives Against Covid-19 called on the creative industry to design and donate inspiring posters of optimism, resilience and hope.  The result? Over 1,200 submissions, from over 30 countries, in just 7 days. The prints will be made available to buy, with all funds donated equally across Women’s Aid and ISPCC Childline.

To reframe this crisis into something more hopeful and optimistic, the Creatives Against Covid19 council chose the campaign theme ‘Soon’. This moment in our lives will not last forever. Soon we will be reunited with our families and friends. Soon all the things we enjoy the most will resume. And when they do, we will appreciate them so much more.  Under the positive theme of ‘Soon’ we asked creatives to share messages of Hope & Optimism, Strength & Solidarity, Togetherness, Kindness, Resilience. We wanted the campaign to spread messages of hope for now and the future. And we wanted the prints to be beautiful pieces of original work that people would be proud to hang in their homes.

The campaign is a creative collaboration between Shauna Buckley, Emma Conway, Sarah Doyle, Ryan Kavanagh, Fuchsia MacAree, Rory Simms, The Project Twins and was originated by RichardsDee.

Website: https://creativesagainstcovid19.com
Instagram: @creativesagainstcovid19
Twitter: @createsvscovid
Facebook: @creativesagainstcovid19