15 July 2015

From team building to battling it out: our day with the Bewley’s coffee experts

by Simon Richards

Coffee is a daily ritual at RichardsDee, and when Bewley’s invited us to spend an afternoon at their roastery in Malahide, we were there like a shot (pun intended!).  The afternoon started with an insight into the coffee production process followed by an introduction to coffee cupping, which reveals the different taste cues depending on region, roasting techniques and the beans used –  all very enlightening, but as soon as we stepped into the test kitchen, the atmosphere changed. We knew we were about to see how baristas create amazing designs out of steamed milk, but what we didn’t know, was that our skills were about to be tested, and of course we were all dying to have a go!

Our mentor, world champion latte artist, Elvis took us through a step-by-step demonstration of how to create the perfect latte art. Then, one by one we battled each other to compete for the RichardsDee Latte Champion of the Year. After some very dodgy pouring and purposeful banging of steamed milk jugs, the contest was down to two: Tomas and Martin, but there could be only one winner. With two attempts each to impress the resident judge Elvis, Martin just inched Tomas out to take the grand title.

So next time you’re passing by the studio, remember to ask for a flat white made with care and attention by Martin, or should we say the resident Portobello Champion Latte Artist.