19 March 2019

Location, Location, Location

by Simon Richards

Looking for a new studio is a big ask; will it enhance the creative process? Is it easy for everyone to get to? Will clients get a sense of our ambitions? Will the area inspire and invigorate thinking? Does it reflect our culture and does it represent value? Looking for a new studio in a Dublin dominated by shared offices is a task, and after a year of looking, we found our new home.

Located on one of Europe’s great streets and in the very centre of Dublin, our new home is 32 O’Connell Street Lower. Reconstructed in 1919, and designed by Donnelly, Moore, Keefe & Robinson, the landmark building was the home of the Savoy Cocoa company – later bought by Rowntree. It seems very fitting that a confectionary company once renowned for launching great brands has its legacy living on in what we do.

Spread over 4 floors we now have a building dedicated to design teams, client areas and a reference library. But the real benefit of the new space is the following:

  • A dedicated 600 sq. ft workshop room where we can host or hire out the space for creative workshops, brainstorming sessions, presentations and meetings. A unique creative thinking space in the heart of the city.
  • An enviable rooftop terrace overlooking the GPO and O’Connell Street with unparalleled views, the perfect spot to host summer meetings or our Friday team show and tell.

On Saint Patrick’s Day the rooftop served as one of the best vantage points from which to view the parade. Agency friends and family enjoyed the views from the balcony which is almost within reaching distance of the spire on O’Connell Street.

The location means that we can promote the use of  public transport, be near to retail influences and ensure that access is easy from all sides of town. While you might not be able to park outside the door (this was not the goal), we wanted a space where we can be inspired and energised, a space (forgive the cliche) that we are proud to call our home.