2 October 2013

Onaware – Brand Identity Development

by Simon Richards

Onaware is a global leader in delivering specialist identity management services that translate insights into risk reduction strategies for their clients. Our challenge was to create a new brand identity development including: name, identity, look and feel and brand communications for a company who’s vision is to be the most trusted identity management company in the world.

To deliver on the brand identity development, we started with an initial strategic phase establishing the vision, values and personality of the brand, feeding these into the naming stage, brand identity and communications creation.

Through our robust and tested naming process we recommended the name: “Onaware”, meaning always being “On” and always being “aware”.

The new brand identity, based around security, responsiveness and adaptability reflected the positioning and strategy.

The value delivered included:

  • A process that quickly delivered a new brand in a tight time frame
  • A brand platform that enables “Onaware” to act, create and deliver in a consistent manner
  • A new .com name that is meaningful and easy to say
  • A new brand identity that positions “Onaware” as a responsive, trusted and innovative leader within the market place
  • A brand graphic style which is own able and supports the business positioning
  • The business tools for launching a new brand with an impending deadline
  • Naming and brand identity development for a global leader in identity management services

See our Onaware brand development case study here