2 September 2014

ICAD Upstarts at RichardsDee

by Simon Richards

UPDATE: MAKING WAVES: 2014 ICAD Upstarts Exhibition 7th to 9th November 2014…

Post from September 2nd, 2014:

Last night we hosted the annual ICAD Upstarts – a fantastic programme by ICAD to mentor and challenge those looking to get into the industry or improve their skills.

We set a brief last week on the creation of a Third Wave Coffee brand, and last night was the show and tell (and critique).

Considering that the team has full time jobs and just seven days to complete (four of you went to EP), the effort, quality of thinking and execution by everyone involved in ICAD Upstarts was excellent.

The ICAD Upstarts presented us with interesting illustrations, strong brand names, well thought out design ideas and a genuine enthusiasm for what they were doing – inspiring stuff!

We were delighted to be invited to participate and host ICAD Upstarts 2014. We are also pleased that we can give our time back to the industry – something that we believe is extremely important.